Writers Tribe Books is an independent publishing company based in Los Angeles that publishes primarily literary fiction.

Its founder, author Alan Watt, states, “WTB happened by accident. I had self-published a book on writing called The 90-Day Novel that sort of took off and became Amazon’s #1 book on writing for months. It was outselling Stephen King’s book on writing. After that, my author friends started calling me up and asking if I would publish their books. It happened at a fortuitous time. Some of the most interesting writing is being done by these so-called ‘mid-list’ authors that traditional publishers turn away in favor of the next ‘bestseller.’ They may not be household names, but they are the writers who I tend to want to read. WTB is pretty selective, in part out of necessity because we have a limited budget, but also because if we are going to throw ourselves behind a book we have to be really passionate about it. Making readers aware of a new book is a process. We are hand-selling each book by building relationships with bloggers and tastemakers who can help to spread the word on a new author. Our focus lies in helping to build awareness of an author over the course of their career and not in looking for the next commercial thing.”

Watt is the author of the novel, Diamond Dogs, and also the founder of L.A. Writers’ Lab, a private writing workshop in Los Angeles that teaches the 90-Day Novel workshops. For more info, go to lawriterslab.com.