The Escape of Malcolm Poe


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For the past ten years, Malcolm Poe has dreamt of escape. His plan is simple: The day his youngest child starts college, Malcolm will leave his devoted wife to resume the creative life he abandoned for marriage. As the hour of his departure nears, Malcolm buys a blank notebook to chronicle the riot of his memories, passions, regrets, and aspirations. The Escape of Malcolm Poe is a hilarious ascent into the imagination of a middle-aged man who believes it is never too late to start over.

Editorial Reviews

“Where the domestic meets the comic grotesque. John Cheever as told by Nathanael West.”
– Dan Fante, author of Point Doom and Chump Change

“Underneath Allison Burnett’s characteristic dark hilarity beats a truthful and tender heart. A sensational read!”
– Jillian Lauren, author Some Girls: My Life in a Harem

“Salinger for big boys.”
– Gigi Levangie, author of The Starter Wife and Seven Deadlies

“A virtuoso rendering of what it means to be fifty years old. With the grace of Nabokov and the intelligence of Saul Bellow, Burnett has a written a novel that youngsters should read to see what’s in store, the middle-aged to have their feelings and experiences validated, and the elderly to remember. A remarkable achievement by a remarkable author.”
– Eric Miles Williamson, author of East Bay Grease and Welcome to Oakland

“At turns acerbic and buoyant, vicious and surprisingly tender, Allison Burnett treats the subject of midlife dread and collapse with astonishing incisiveness. Burnett’s novel manages the delicious trick of being simultaneously evanescent and harrowing. It’s also really fucking funny.”
– Matthew Spektor, author of That Summertime Sound and American Dream Machine

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