William Boyle: “It’s the story of raw life […] stripped to the bone.”

At the Bottom in a Place You Belong: A Review of Dave Newman’s “Raymond Carver Will Not Raise Our Children”
By William Boyle

Dave Newman’s second novel, Raymond Carver Will Not Raise Our Children, was released early last year, but I didn’t discover it until mid-December. I hadn’t read or even heard of his first novel, Please Don’t Shoot Anyone Tonight, but I stumbled across an article about him while Googling around about Dan Fante and Mark SaFranko. First things first: If the title doesn’t make you want to read the book, I can’t do anything for you. It’s a hell of a title and I didn’t need to know anything about the book to know I wanted to read it.


It’s a story of the raw life. Newman’s writing lacks artifice. It’s stripped to the bone. Not crafty. It’s the book they’ll tell you not to write. They’ll say, “Don’t make your main character a writer. Don’t make him a teacher. It’s not enough. No one wants to read it.” It’s a book that tells that advice to go fuck itself. Newman’s great influences are writers like Charles Bukowski and John Fante, writers who knew you had to be totally honest to be worth anything.

Read the full article at Vol.1 Brooklyn: http://www.vol1brooklyn.com/2013/01/17/at-the-bottom-in-a-place-you-belong-a-review-of-dave-newmans-raymond-carver-will-not-raise-our-children/

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