Death by Sunshine

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B.K. Troop is an aging, erudite, chemically imbalanced, gay, alcoholic novelist living in Manhattan. His life is turned upside down when he is invited to Los Angeles to adapt one of his novels into a screenplay. Soon after his arrival, B.K. is thrust into the heart of a mystery that only he can solve. With the help of his trusty Mexican chauffeur, B.K. penetrates the lower depths of Hollywood with hilarious and surprisingly poignant results.

Editorial Reviews

Death by Sunshine marks the welcome return of Allison Burnett’s deliciously vainglorious and perverse protagonist, B. K. Troop. In short, he’s one of the great comic characters in recent literature, on a par with Ignatius J. Reilly in John Kennedy Toole’s A Confederacy of Dunces.
– Robin Russin, L.A. Review of Books

“Like Truman Capote, Allison Burnett knows how to pull up a chair and whisper a juicy story into his lucky reader’s ear. Death By Sunshine is a quickly-paced tale inhabited by fascinating and funny creatures.”
– Nell Scovell, Vanity Fair

“In this age when the genuine comic novel seems to be an extinct species, Allison Burnett gives us reason to rejoice. Death By Sunshine is a return trip to the world of B.K. Troop, one of the most appealing characters ever put on a page.”
– Charles Busch, author of The Tale of the Allergist’s Wife and Die, Mommie, Die!

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