Days Are Gone


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Alice just walked out of her marriage to aging rock star, Chick Wolfson, leaving behind her San Francisco penthouse and all the trappings this union conferred. She drives north to Seattle to stay with her folks, but never makes it. Chick cancels her credit cards. With her tank on empty, she crawls into Waiden, a small Oregon town off the coast, and checks into the crumbling Frontier Inn where she lands a minimum wage job. While there, she finds herself attracted to Webb Cooley, grocery clerk, and recent parolee of Oregon State Correctional Facility. Webb is quiet and withdrawn, with secrets of his own. Soon they are pulled into a relationship that they are each using to exercise their own particular form of escape. As they grow closer, their desire to be known by each other threatens to reveal secrets from the past.

Editorial Reviews

Days Are Gone is beautifully written and utterly absorbing. Alan Watt is a master at creating characters whose internal conflicts and keenly observed emotions are vivid, jarring, and compelling. This is simply a great novel.”
– David Liss, New York Times bestselling author of A Conspiracy of Paper and Days of Atonement

“A love story that never takes a predictable turn, Alan Watt somehow manages to paint the worlds of an empty but glamorous Hollywood marriage and simple small town living with equally painful accuracy. By turns unsparing and tender, Days Are Gone ultimately proves that redemption can come in the most unexpected ways.”
– Anna David, New York Times bestselling author of Party Girl and Bought

“A dark, moving tale of forgiveness, redemption and second chances.”
– Jennifer L. Scott, New York Times bestselling author of Lessons from Madame Chic

“Watt’s quiet storytelling and elegant prose catapult this book into the fertile regions of the heart, where grief and regret are exchanged for renewal and a second chance. The language is spare and sharp, the characters rendered with exquisite compassion. Days are Gone examines, with stunning grace and precision, the fragile redemption that can come when we choose to reveal our secrets and make peace with our pasts.”
– Leslie Schwartz, bestselling author of Angel’s Crest and Jumping the Green

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